Lounge Suites

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Hunter Furniture has a wide selection of contemporary & traditional lounge suites, leather lounge suites, chaise lounge suites, and corner lounge suites.

A large majority of our range is designed and made locally in New Zealand. This offers the flexibility to modify size, covering and cushion type so you can change the piece to suit your needs exactly. We work very closely with our New Zealand based suppliers to ensure that your exact specifications are catered for. You can rest assured that we know what it takes to design and manufacture a quality piece of furniture and it is to these exact standards that we require our suppliers to adhere.

We also have a large range of lounge suites that are sourced from around the world. These suites are designed by some of the most innovative furniture designers and produced to the highest standard by our suppliers. Our imported suites are available in many different leather or fabric covering options so you can choose the right style for your home. We at Hunter Furniture have amazing relationships with the suppliers who design and manufacture our products. This means that we can supply high quality products at affordable prices. It also means that we have the range of furniture to supply pieces to our customers that will suit individual tastes & existing décor.

Alternative Sofas

If a two-piece set is too much for you, come browse our selection of sofas here or come into a store near you for our full range.