From the World to You

As New Zealander's we know how lucky we are to belong to this beautiful part of the world. We are aware of how privileged we are, and we like to think that the world that we live in is fair, not only for us, but for those who we deal with also.

When we engage our suppliers around the world, we hunt for quality and craftsmanship, while keeping our countries values at the heart of all of our decisions.

We take the time to regularly visit our suppliers, seeing their processes first hand and forming trusted relationships. We know that the people who craft our products are treated well and that their manufacturing processes are kind to our planet. 

Let us share the story’s of the talented suppliers who we work with, helping us to bring the best in furniture design from around the world, into your home.

Hunter Furniture NZ - From The World To You...

New Zealand Made Furniture

Our New Zealand suppliers can customise any piece of handmade furniture to suit the needs of your home.

Created for you by hand, using quality sustainable resources from right here at home, you know that when you choose New Zealand made you are choosing a quality piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.


"We use Southland Beech, sourced from's a very strong timer...If you were to use any other timber its structural strength wouldn't be the same"
John McCue
Jade Furniture, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ethical Manufacturing

We source furniture from all over the world.

We regularly visit our suppliers in person, so we know that their furniture production is safe and focuses on the health of the workers. Workers are treated fairly, work places are safe, with balanced work hours, and appropriate compensation.


‘We have been working together with Hunters for more than 15 years. We share all of the latest ideas, technology and materials in order to bring these new ideas to the New Zealand market’.
Superb Furniture, Shenzhen, China