Dining Chairs

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At Hunter Furniture we make it easy to find the right dining chairs to match your dining table and to suit your personal style.

Hunter Furniture has a range of dining chairs which are designed and made right here in New Zealand. We also have an extensive range of dining chairs and dining tables that are sourced from around the world.

One of our most popular ranges is the Theo from District Eight Design. The Theo collection is the fusion of modern materials with classic form and shape – modern materials marry mid-century design with the famous District Eight Design build quality and design.

The famous fumed oak finish creates a beautiful deep, rich oak finish, and the District Eight designers have created a range of expertly engineered and designed tables, stools and dining chairs. A combination of fumed oak and modern steel braces and brackets create a collection of furniture suitable for all homes.

View our collection online or visit your nearest Hunter Furniture store to view the full range. Our team of experts are there to help you find the right dining chair to match your décor and personal style.