At Hunter Home & Hunter Furniture, we pride ourselves on our quality and carefully crafted furniture by international and local design partners. All of our partners come with their own stories of origin, purpose and philosophy. We are fortunate they share the same passion for furniture and design as we do, which means we are confident we have an option for any New Zealand home that is both stylish and made by quality craftmanship. Free design services available, click here to learn more.

Square Roots

Square Roots began with the union of two people Justin Wheatcroft and Edward Stoddart who were both inspired by handmade, sustainable, solid wood furniture. They are guided by mid-twentieth century designers and love using natural forms and working with the characteristics of the solid hardwood they use. They embrace the natural or waney edges of the tree, and use large sections of the timber when creating their furniture. Simple, yet sophisticated and durable –  The Square Roots team understand the importance of combining craftmanship and design when enhancing the organic spirit of their furniture.

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Free Hand Leather

Celebrating the natural beauty of leather, Free Hand Leather products do not have any pigments or grain corrections, which ensures every piece of furniture is handcrafted, authentic and made to a very high quality. All leather selections are finished by hand, and like all good things, this only helps the furniture to ‘improve with age’. Free Hand Leather is suited to modern lifestyles and ensures furniture you'll be proud to own in your home.     

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United Strangers

United Strangers connects contemporary design with pure forms & sustainable, ethically sourced materials to create timeless pieces of furniture that will sure to impress. The United Strangers team are a dedicated group of designers from around the world who unite to create unique collections. A blend of new and old, each piece is hand finished by a team of craftsman, leather workers and artisans.

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