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Decor Tips for Small Living Rooms

The living room is the space where you kick back and relax after a long day, spend time with your family and entertain visitors.

As a result, it is important to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible to encourage people to return to this space to interact time and again.

However, if you are in a smaller home you may find yourself with a small living room that may seem difficult to style. The trick to making the most out of a small living space lies in choosing your decor carefully.

If your living room is smaller than most, the following ideas can help you create an impression of space while ensuring that you end up with an attractive and welcoming room.

Choose a Round Coffee Table

A round coffee table will ease the movement of traffic in your living room and help to avoid accidents associated with sharp corners.

Try the New Zealand designed Omaha Round Coffee Table from Hunter Furniture which is made with locally sourced Oak with a Bitumen finish for an elegant option with plenty of space for books, remote control and a variety of decor accessories.



Make use of the right storage

Your living room is usually the space where you keep your entertainment equipment such as televisions, laptops and music systems. You probably also keep a number of books if you are an avid reader.

It is therefore important to select storage that will help you organize everything, create more space and prevent your living room from looking cluttered.

A good choice is the Small Arco Entertainment Unit made from American White Ash wood with an attractive lacquer finish for both durability and style.


Consider a corner lounge suite

A corner lounge suite can be pushed back against a corner wall to create more leg room and allow for easy movement.

The Novara Corner Chaise Suite is made with high quality leather and durable hardwood that will ensure you get maximum use out of it for many years. Further, it comes in dimensions that will fit small spaces and can be customized in your favourite colours to suite your decor scheme.


Use Bold colours and accessories

Bold colours and accessories can make a room look larger and it is important to use a variety of patterns, textures and colours in order to achieve the impression of a larger space.

The Majestic cushion comes in a variety of vibrant colours and can be paired with throws and rugs such as the Compass Rug for a stylish and contemporary look. 

Scale back dimensions

Smaller furniture items will help you make the most of a small space in addition to allowing you to fit in as many articles as you need to complete the look you are going for.

Hunter Furniture’s range of side tables and lamps, recliner chairs and assorted accessories is ideal for creating the space you need without compromising on comfort or style. 

Creating room in a small living room is as easy as using a little creativity and choosing furniture and accessories that help you maximize the space you have. With the right selection from Hunter Furniture New Zealand, you should be able to make the most of your small living room and create a space that is attractive, welcoming and comfortable.


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