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As we progress towards total modernity many people are looking for inspiration from the past. It is therefore not a wonder to find American Mid-Century Modernist and Scandinavian looks everywhere. In fact, interior designers and architects are further predicting that this trend will not disappear for some time.

The Scandinavian style, which is inspiring current interior fashion trends is centered on discreet elegance, clean lines and warm functionality. Designers motivated by this trend consider light to be of extreme importance, which is why neutral walls and settings are common in such interiors. 

This is also the reason why interior designers will choose winterish and cold spaces for a elegant and stylish look. The top colour choices for this design are blue, grey and white on the walls, which are used to provide the right atmosphere for a Scandinavian inspired interior. 

To go along with this style a Scandinavian interior needs some warm and comfortable furniture. Remember, the Scandinavian interior colour palette is winterish and cold and furniture is needed to add a feeling of warmth to the interiors.

To cater for this need, Hunter Furniture has different furniture designs such as the Walsh Lounge Suite, which is a 3 seater sofa with two lounge chairs. The suite is designed to complement the minimalism, functionality and simplicity needs of the Scandinavian interior designs. 

Wood is an important element in Scandinavian interiors, the design of the Walsh Lounge Suite has included it for maximum look, texture and warmth. The dark colors of this sofa also help to take some color from the neutral wall and backdrop colors of the Scandinavian interiors.  

While some are obsessed with the Scandinavian interiors, others are too in love with the American Mid-Century Modernist style where shapes, graphic patterns and eccentric intonations rule the interiors. 

The American Mid-Century Modernist style is uncomplicated and seems to be in harmony with the exteriors. This style puts emphasis on natural materials and contemporary patterns. The flow between the interiors and the outdoors helps in creating a comfortable, functional and elegant style. 

The American Mid-Century Modernist style also seems to bridge the gap between manmade and the organic, the designs are somewhere between the natural world and inanimate. 

Since we never fail, Hunter Furniture has also taken care of the American Mid-Century Modernist enthusiasts. The company’s designs such as the Gilmour Sofa have been influenced by the American Mid-Century Modernist movement. 

The color, design and everything about the Gilmour Sofa is all tailored for an America Mid-Century Modernist style fanatic. Other designs such as the Orson Lounge Suite, Rubens Lounge Suite and the Nash Lounge Suite all also in line with this movement.

The timeless look of these designs ensures that interiors look modern and fresh, the best thing is that they are both timeless and contemporary. 

As you look for furniture to match your interiors, remember that Hunter Furniture is working hard to make sure that you become the trend setter  when it comes to the latest in interior design style. 


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