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The New Year is a great time to infuse some creativity into your decorating projects and give your home a fresh and new look. Ideas abound, and you are more likely to have extra energy to tackle a large decorating project after getting enough rest and relaxation over the holidays.

You can find inspiration from ideas that are poised to set the trend in 2017, giving your home a modern, fashionable look while allowing you to incorporate personal touches for a style that is entirely yours.

Below are a few decor trends to inspire your New Year decor project:

That 70s Style

The 70s were a time for bold experimentation with textures, colours and prints. Details such as the use of retro colours like browns and oranges, the return of large audacious pieces as a centrepiece and the use of indoor plants are all aspects that are set to make a comeback in 2017. Paired with modern accessories and furniture, the 70s look should result in a marrying of styles that will make your home a delight for both you and your visitors.

Create the look: The Cambridge Leather Lounge Suite from Hunter’s Furniture has been designed using the highest quality leather, this two and three seater suite will satisfy your need for an attractive centrepiece for your living room as well as allow you to infuse some retro colour into the same. Attractive stitching detail, durable leather and comfortable cushions are just a few more reasons to consider acquiring this beauty.

Tropical Paradise

The great summer weather in January and its corresponding months allows you to showcase tropical accessories such as throw pillows in bright colours, woven textures, tropical motifs and warm colours against a backdrop of white. Use bold artwork, indoor plants and soft furnishings with tropical motifs to complete the look and turn your home into a tropical paradise.

Create the look:  Ana Chaise Suite: This New Zealand made fabric suite can be customised to suit customer preferences in colour and texture. Go for the Parisienne Pewter fabric covering for a neutral option that you can dress up and throw in cushions in bright colours and featuring tropical motifs.

Assorted cushions: Invest in a number of cushions in bright colours to complement your Ana Chaise SuiteThe Virginia Cushion, Milford Moss Stitch Cushion, and Latinus Cushion should prove to be particularly good choices and help to complete your look.

Crossing cultures

This year’s decor trends will see more and more people infuse global cultural aspects for an overall exotic look that celebrates the best of all these worlds. Earth tones, handcrafted accessories, tribal prints and the use of natural materials such as bamboo, timber and other exotic woods should result in a comfortable, bohemian look that you will enjoy relaxing in at the end of a hard day.

Create the look:  Enza Dining Table: Introduce Scandinavian accents with this collapsible dining table from Hunter Furniture. Featuring clean lines and a stunning white veneer, this table should be the go to option for anyone interested in infusing a multicultural feel to their decor this year. 

The retro 70s look, tropical decor and cross-cultural accents are just a few of the trends expected to be extremely popular in 2017. With a little research and lots of patience, you should be able to find a trend that works perfectly for you.

Ready to start on your New Year redecorating project..?
Hunter Furniture is ready to work with you to introduce new stylish furniture and accessories into your home this New Year.

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