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Bedroom Paint Ideas

Winter brings an exciting array of colours to inspire your new bedroom decor project. Winter colours allow you to go for a minimal look, infuse a vibrant splash of colour, use soft neutrals or simply put together a variety of colours for a highly personalized style.

Whatever your bedroom decor goals, you can get some great ideas from the wide palette of colours available during winter time. Ready to brighten up your bedroom this winter?

The following paint trends should help you achieve a sleek, modern and sophisticated look this winter.

All White

Bring the outdoors in with an all white decor scheme. Reminiscent of snow capped mountains; brilliant white paint brings a clean, crisp and serene feel to your bedroom.

To avoid your room looking too bland and sanitary, match up accessories in different shades of white and employ the use of different textures, shapes and sizes.

Image Source: Habitat by Resene

Invest in a number of cushions in a variety of textures and white/off-white colours paired with a luxurious throw such as the silver fox faux fur throw and floor accessories such as the Nebraska floor rug and grey accents to help you achieve that winter wonderland look.

Vibrant Orange

Nothing works better to cheer up a room on a dull winter’s day than a vibrant, sunny orange. Go for bright, red-orange hues to give an impression of warmth or yellow toned orange to make a room look brighter.

Vibrant colours work best when used on an accent wall instead of the whole room. For maximum effect, pair orange tones with browns, whites and prints to create an earthy, warm feeling that will help you fight the winter blues.

This selection of bedroom furniture from Hunter’s furniture includes items made from natural woods and textiles as well as metals in rich, dark tones that will help you complete the look you are going for and complement a vibrant accent wall.

Image Source: Style and Designs

Purple Hues

Use bright purple hues such as grape and lavender, paired with neutrals like gray and beige to create a winter palette that will help you create a cozy and stylish look for your bedroom.

Lighter purples will create a calm and tranquil effect, while darker hues will result in a dramatic and sophisticated look. Assorted cushions in greys, burgundy and purple tones, along with throws in a variety of colours should help you achieve the elegant effect you are looking for.

Image Source: Habitat by Resene

Champagne Pink

Champagne pink is a sophisticated colour that works well with other neutrals such as beige and grey and richer tones like brown or black. Use this paint colour on walls to create a muted and calm feel and pair it with curtains and furniture in deeper pinks if you are going for a more feminine look for your bedroom.

The Martin Tub Chair in Blossom Coral perfectly complements a wall in champagne and other pink tones for the perfect feminine bedroom and helps to brighten up your home overall.

Image Source: Hannah Black Photography 

Painting your bedroom is an effective and inexpensive way to brighten its overall decor and create a highly personalized look. Using furniture and accessories in the same or complementary colour palettes further helps to improve your decor and ultimately results in a beautiful and stylish room that you will enjoy hibernating in during the winter season.


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