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Leather is the enduring black..

Leather is the enduring black this winter.   During the week I managed to catch a glimpse of the Southern Alps covered in snow, an unmistakable visual link to the pervasive chill in the air that had become the talk of the town. The cold snap reminded me I could no longer delay adding more leather and wool to my wardrobe.   At that point I started thinking about the links between leather garments and footwear and leather furniture. Obviously we don’t need our leather furniture to be weatherproof, to protect us from the elements. However, the related qualities we enjoy in furniture are that leather is hard wearing as well as beautiful to the eye and to the touch.  



Leather seems to have the opposite quality of other fabrics in that it looks increasingly better over time.

  It has a natural longevity that enables it to last long enough to become full of character. For example, why a new leather garment can appear too stark and an older one looks excellent and inviting.   Given leather is so robust as a material, it has the ability to endure generations of use which is particularly useful in furniture. Leather furniture is often designed with that in mind. We are more likely to see leather lounge suites, sofas or couches designed in such a way they exhibit a timeless quality. This enables leather furniture to always work in whatever interior design context it is placed in, from the classical to the contemporary.   Cambridge_3S   The Cambridge lounge suite is an example of an enduring piece of leather furniture that will age well and look in the right place in endless interior configurations and styles. The detailing of the division of paneling across the Cambridge are just at the right proportions to enable this lounge suite to read as a classic as well as a contemporary piece. Pictured here in an inviting Chocolate tone, the Cambridge is available as a two or three seater and in a variety of leather colours and finishes.  


The York lounge suite similarly spans the categories of classic and contemporary, although with each the aesthetics are amplified. Due to the styling of the York, this striking piece of furniture has the interesting possibility of blending into a home décor, or vividly standing out. Like the Cambridge, the York is available as a two or three seater but only comes in black leather and black cowhide.But don’t worry, it is the perfect choice of colour and texture. I keep looking at this striking combination and placement of materials because it is quirky and surprising. For that reason, I think the York would be an excellent suite to live with.  

Call into your nearest Hunter Furniture showroom to see what I am talking about, as well as the full range of leather lounge suites and furniture.

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